Post-Tsunami Shelter Project

SurfAid International

Mentawai Islands, Indonesia

6 Months

Project Manager

Date Completed

As a result of the 7.4 magnitude earthquake and subsequent 2-3m tsunami destroy many villagers and killed 500 people on October 2010.

Within days Matt arrived in the area and began the project design to rebuild homes for 330 families, 1500 people. Using a community led approach and an asset based methodology, 330 homes were constructed in under 3 months. Using earthquake resistant construction techniques developed during the construction of the Katiet Centre and recycled timber from damaged/ destroyed homes, new homes were built by community members that reflected their needs. The building process and outcomes significantly reduced trauma, and allowed the rebuilding of livelihoods.

Strong emphasis was placed on the planning aspect of this project. Thorough community engagement, a clear vision and a transparent process was developed to allow individual families to rebuild according to their needs.  Monitoring played a key role in identify problems quickly, ensured quality construction and accounted for all materials provided by SurfAid.